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Press ▶️ and watch my take on Fever, recorded LIVE with some of my musicians (including my dad on cello)
Let me know what you think in the comments below (and read the story behind this song choice😉👇)

You know, some artists tend to stay away from covering songs that have been done by a ton of different artists.... maybe for good reason.

I have to admit, if I really like the song, I really don’t care!😂

Take Fever for example... it’s literally been covered by a bazillion people! Ok, maybe not literally 🤪

When I told my producer I wanted to do a version of Fever, he was like “...really...you want to cover THAT song...?😫😅
But as soon as I told him my idea for it, I saw a little spark in his eyes. Ha! He hadn’t heard it in tango before... so we got to work!

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I do think I managed to put my own spin on it!😉
What did you think about it?

Even if you already heard or have my CD, have you heard this version before?
Let me know!

Lastly, I take every opportunity I can to say this, so I might repeat myself. Thank you for your continued support and for keeping independent music alive!🤘😎❤️

I’m forever grateful you’re here.

Speak soon,

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