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🎻Greatings from Ania - singer, songwriter and violinist 

Hello and welcome to my corner!🤗

If you want to escape your everyday worries, enter a world of tranquility and add an extra touch of magic to your day, you're in the right place!😉 

I'm a creator of  World influenced ethereal pop music that also incorporates soul, folk, celtic, jazz and neo classical influences.

😉  I'm delighted you're here!

🍃I believe we should all try to do even small things, to raise awareness and help keep our magical planet earth cleaner. I'm most definitely not perfect, but I'm trying to learn and implement changes in my everyday habits.

Plastic pollution has been a big concern for me for a while now, so I have decided to donate *3% of all sales on the AniaBshop to Greenpeace Fund, Inc. and Clean Ocean Action.

I'm always trying my best to create the coolest designs for you, so that we can wear them proudly and contribute to make the world a little bit better😉


Again, thank you so much for helping me create more independent music and making the world a better place! Without you non of this would be possible❤️