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Stephen S.  ✅


As I always have been a Classic Rock follower I never really ventured down any other path in Music Genres until I heard this young lady and I have been sold on her style ever since! I really applaud what you have done and I hope to into the future! Great Work! Keep it up!Yours in Music Stephen

Bob Fendt ✅


I cannot believe that I have had Głową w dół for over a year now and not left a review.Absolutely love this album every song are sensational very difficult to pick a favourite. Ania's voice is so incredibly beautiful, love her violin solo's. Ania is such an extremely talented singer, songwriter and musician. Can't recommend the enchanting, magical and emotive music of Ania highly enough a very huge favourite of mine.

Kerry Latter ✅


Ethereal, thought provoking and yet calming. I enjoyed the talent and feeling that comes across through Anita’s music and found that the CD's were very relaxing, yet entertaining to listen to. Greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kerry

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