Celebrating a Decade of Music

Marking 10 Years of 'Głową w Dół': Ethereal Melodies & Soulful Strings

“Ethereal, angelic, fairy-like, yet seductive and sultry. Soothing and relaxing music. Beautiful voice and expressive violin playing. Yet a very humble, friendly and down to earth way of relating and making those she contacts feel special. What is not to love about that!”

- Ken Cotton


Głową w Dół CD - Anniversary Reprint Edition - Autographed

CD bundle - Autographed

Ethereal Winter EP - Autographed

A Few Words From Ania's Fans:

“Hello Ania. Just wanted to let you know that I got my CD in the mail today and I absolutely love it. I've listened to it three times already . Lol. Between your angelic voice and the soothing violin music, it was just what this troubled soul needed. Thank you so much . The personal note was an added plus”

- Mark

“If Ania was just an ethereal, violin playing, songstress and beauty, that would be enough to enchant most people. But she is much more than that. A talented singer and composer, who can perform in many different styles (romantic, seductive, torch song and pop). Seek beyond the angelic face and expect more than a golden-haired Enya. You won't be disappointed.”

- Andrzej Kwiatkowski

"If you are tired of the music out there, this lady is a breath of fresh air with her uplifting music which will take you to new heights in music appreciation. She is world class. This music will heal your soul and mind."

  • - Ken Sheets


Głową w Dół CD - Anniversary Reprint Edition - Autographed

CD bundle - Autographed

Ethereal Winter EP - Autographed

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Greetings from Ania - singer, songwriter, and violinist 🎻

Hello and welcome to my corner! 🤗

If you're looking to escape from your everyday worries, enter a world of tranquility, and add an extra touch of magic to your day, you're in the right place! 😉

I create World-influenced ethereal pop music that also incorporates elements of soul, folk, Celtic, jazz, and neoclassical influences.

😉 I'm delighted you're here!

🍃 I believe in the transformative power of music to foster introspection and awareness.


My music is a journey, inviting listeners to pause and immerse themselves in the moment, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced, often challenging world.

It's not just about creating melodies, but also about encouraging reflection, connection, and a sense of peace in the midst of life's complexities.

I'm always striving to connect with my audience through heartfelt music and to create a space where we can all find solace and joy.


Thank you so much for joining me on this musical journey.


Every purchase in this store fuels my journey as an independent artist, allowing me to continue crafting and sharing music with the world.


Your support is the heartbeat of my creative journey – without you, this beautiful adventure wouldn’t be possible.



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